Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coyote Problem

Just a short update about that coyote. I now know there are two different ones. One is larger and has a bit more hair, but grey in color just the same as the smaller one. My husband was called off to work on his day off to transport a convict and couldn't be here to kill it.
I saw the coyote in the morning at 8:29 a.m so it is coming earlier and earlier. We have not given up the fight. Traps cost a lot and we plan on killing it. My daddy was harping on me to learn how to shoot the shotgun, (it gives me quite a fright). He said I can't miss with it, and I agree to that, but fear keeps me from handling it. See, I was held up by one of those shotguns 16 yrs ago when my car broke down. I walked to a gas station but it was closed and I thought the man inside was a clerk, found out he was robbing the place. I had pounded on the door to see if I could use the phone as the doors were locked and he went to a room and disappeared. I noticed the pay phone outside and had .35 cents and called the authorities in Gonzales, Texas to contact a family member when he came around the corner with a sawed off shotgun. :( My legs went to pudding and my heart came out my mouth. I was frozen with fear. He held that gun there for about 2 minutes although it felt like a lifetime. I nearly passed out. I had the dispatcher from the sheriffs dept online and I kept telling that man, "I'm only broke down, I'm just trying to get home, please don't shoot me." The dispatcher understood and a car was dispatched to where I was. The guy took off into the woods beside the store and then the deputy showed up a bit later to get me. I was extremely distraught. So you see...I am HIGHLY afraid of the shotguns. :( But we will get that coot.