Monday, November 10, 2008

Coyote Problem

We've been having quite a bit of a coyote problem here at our house lately. A brave coyote has been sneaking up on our chickens and making off with a dinner leaving us with no egg makers. This is a very brazen coyote. On the first day, my dad saw him in his back yard, right in front of the tree line, just as pretty as you please.
I went to my Dads kitchen window and looked out, and sure enough, there it was. In broad daylight. The time, about 3:30 p.m. This is been going on now for a week. I live next door to my parents with my husband, and we were not immune to the coyote brazenly coming into our yard and fetching up a chicken. A HEN to boot. I am not sure why that coyote won't take an extra unwanted rooster, but it won't, it steals our laying hens.
Needless to say, there has been a coyote vigil here in the country. My Dad is a great grandfather and can't see well. So when my husband is off at work at the Sheriffs Dept. its the coyote against me and my Daddy. Now, my Daddy has cataracts and has many surgeries on his eyes and has lost his eyesight in one eye already. He has tried taking some shots at that old coyote about 4 times and keeps missing.
As a good daughter, I told him to let me try and he handed me the gun. I took a shot the next time that coyote came to the house...but i missed to. Not to mention, I had the shakes for almost an hour after wards. I did manage to save the chicken though. So I was glad of that.
This morning I heard the chickens put up a ruckus in my yard, the time was around 10.25 a.m (I am now recording his/her comings and goings) and looked out my living room window, (the one on the west side of the house) and 15 feet from the window was that dang coyote. WITH ANOTHER HEN IN IT'S MOUTH. I grabbed the phone, yelled 'coyote' gave the coordinates to my Dad, screamed at my husband and started shaken. My husband ran out the front door of our house, and my Daddy out the back door of his, and the coyote sauntered a bit, then hauled butt with our chicken to the east side of our property, through the dry pond bed, then up the north side and disappeared with it's fresh kill.
Both my Daddy and my husband did coyote recons all day long. Myself including with only a large buck knife that my husband gave me, as I am to scared to use the big guns he has. The only gun I can shoot with confidence is the .22. But, he had that one at the time. I can just picture myself coming into a coyote confrontation and it's me or him, and pull out my buck knife and give him the 'down under' treatment. Right!! I would freeze up I am sure.
This coyote is sneaky, but I think he rather stupid at the same time. Clever , yes, but he fails to realize that we can follow his trail by his foot tracks and the CHICKEN FEATHERS he leaves all over when he runs.
I will try and get a picture of him if I can and post it. Not sure if that will happen as I tend to get scared when I see him.
I want him gone that's for sure as I have two small granddaughters that frequently come to visit and I won't let them in the yard to play at all till I see that coyotes head on pike. And I mean that.