Sunday, May 21, 2017

Digging For Your Roots

Digging For Your Roots  is a page I created to start finding families and ancestry for other people for a low fee.   I am currently researching 7 families. I am researching Fortune, Mullins, Emory, Spahn, Callahan, Simmons, and Phillips families.  Plus I am still doing some on my own.  I enjoy doing research and have spare time to do others.  You can contact me at if you would like to hire me to research your family.  Please put Family Research in the subject line.  I will need all and as much information as you can about whoever you know of in your family to get started.  The more information you have to give me, the less time I spend looking and that is cheaper for you.

Say you want to find your great-grandfather, but don't know his name.  Start with yourself, send me your name, date of birth, where you were born, then go with parents and send me all their info on birth and death and places of birth and death.  I am happy to look.  Even if you just want me to find one person or information on one person, I am happy to do so for a modest fee.