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Dimmit County Mesquite Roots pg 133-134 Thomas Jefferson and Lillie Louie Beach Allen

The Thomas Jefferson Allen Family.  Left to right: Othella "Annie Lee," Marion, Lillie Louise Beach Allen holding Ruth, Orrene (back), J. B., Thomas Jefferson Allen, and Ona B. (Photo courtesy Charles Allen)

  Thomas Jefferson Allen was the son of James and Mary Ann Key Allen.  He was born in Gonzales County, Texas on August 30, 1865, and came to Dimmit County with his family in 1883.
  The Allens had homesteaded a number of ranches in Dimmit County, but gradually each of the older sons had moved away, selling their property to the other members of the family remaining in Dimmit County.  Thomas, the youngest of the seven children, eventually came to own all of the Allen land.
  Thomas's mother, Mary Ann Key Allen, developed poor health and went to Van Horn, Texas to live with her daughter Laura Allen Hall and her family.  While visiting his mother there, T.J. met Lillie Louise Beach, daughter of one of the founders of Van Horn.  Rosa Lee Wylie, author of HIstory of Van Horn, describes J.H. Beach as "a very influential man, one might refer to him as the father of Van Horn as he started so many enterprises...and the Beach mountains were named for him."
  T.J. and Lillie were married August 30, 1898.  The Tom Allen Family lived on the Dimmit County ranch until 1918.  The they moved into Carrizo Springs.  Tom traded some of his land to Tom Gardner for a home, the one on Houston Street presently owned by Kirby and Billie McAlister, and other property, including: service station, garage, machine shop combination; one truck; one Maxwell car; and two jitneys - a taxi service.  Later Tom sold his business to Houston Marney and Warren Holmgreen.  He traded the balance of his ranchland for a farm west of Carrizo Springs.
  The Allens had eight children:  Oma Orrene, Ona Blythe, Marion Thomas, twins Othella and Ozella "Annie Lee,"  James Beach, Nannie Ruth, Reba Elizabeth, and Charles Carroll.
  Oma Orrene Allen was born August 2, 1899 in Cotulla, Texas.  She married I.J. "Ikey" New on November 25, 1920. Ikey came to Dimmit County in 1910.  The couple had tow children, Laxton and Gwendolyn.  They moved to the Pearsall, Texas area in the 1940's.
  Ona Blythe Allen was born August 26, 1903 in Cotulla.  She died in January of 1929.
  Marion Thomas Allen was born April 3, 1905 at the ranch.  He married Bertha Mae Pierce on June 21, 1927.  Her parents, George and Dona Bell Pierce, were early residents of Dimmit County.  Marion and Bertha Mae had four children: Marion, George, Douglas, and Camilla.  They lived in Pleasanton, Texas.
  Ozella and Othella Allen, twins, were born September 29, 1906 in Cotulla.  Othella died in infancy and is buried in the Church Yard Cemetery in Prairie View.
  Ozella's name was changed to Annie Lee Allen.  She married Robert B. Landrum Jr. Robert Sr. died November 12, 1958.
  James Beach "J.B." Allen was born July 30, 1909 in Van Horn.  He married Vera Estelle Barnes on October 6, 1934.  They had two sons, Thomas J. and James B. H. B. Allen died October 19, 1968.
  Nannie Ruth Allen was born February 28, 1913 in Cotulla. She married DAvid Grider on August 28, 1938.  They had two children, DAvid J. and CArol Ann.  DAvid and David J. Grider are both deceased.  Ruth lives in Hemet, California.
  Reba Elizabeth Allen was born July 24, 1914 at the ranch.  She married Alvin W. Christ.  They had three children: Allen, Winetta, and CAtherine.  Reba Allen Christ lives in Hemet, California.
  Charles Carroll Allen was born August 30, 1920 in Carrizo Springs.  He married Faydelle Box (see separate story).
  Tom Allen was a deacon in the Baptist Church and all of his family were members there.  Tom and another man hauled in a gave to the Catholic congregation a load of lumber for the original Catholic Church in Carrizo Springs.
  Tom Allen died on March 11, 1926.  Lillie Louise Beach Allen died on July 6, 1936.  All of Tom and Lillie's children have moved from Dimmit County except for the J.B. Allens, Annie Lee Landrum, and Charles Allen.  Annie Lee Landrum and Vera Allen live together on the J.B. Allenfarm in Dimmit County.  Charles lives in Carrizo Springs.
                                               Charles Allen
                                                Carrizo Springs.