Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dimmit County Mesquite Roots pg 132 Charles Carroll and Faydella Box Allen.

 Photo is on page 32 of Dimmit County Mesquite Roots.  The Charles Carroll Allen family.  Left to right: Terry Lee, Charles, Al, Randy, Charla, and Faydelle Box Allen (Photo courtesy Charles Allen)

                                              CHARLES CARROLL AND FAYDELLE BOX ALLEN

  Charles Carroll Allen was the ninth child born to Thomas Jefferson and LIllie Louise Beach Allen of Dimmit County.  He was born in Carrizo Springs on August 30, 1920.
  Charles married Faydelle Box on January 15, 1943.  Her family had moved to Dimmit County from Llano, Texas in 1934.
  Charles and Faydelle Allen had four children:  Albert Newton, Randall Clay, Charla CArroll, and Terry Lee.
  Albert Newton Allen was born August 8, 1946.  He graduated from Texas A&M and was in the Army Corps of Engineers, where he served three years and spent on e year in Vietnam.  He was discharged as a 1st Lieutenant.  Albert married Susan Guyler and they had one child.  Charles CArroll Allen II.  They were divorced and he married Debbie Duncan.  They and their daughter, Rachel, live in Houston, Texas.
  Randall Clay Allen was born October 4, 1949.  He attended Texas A&M and married Liz Leonard.  They have twin boys, Clay and Thain.  The family lives in Houston.
  Charla CArroll Allen was born March 7, 1953.  She finished college and married Jack Adams II of Crystal City, Texas.  They have two children, Heather and Jack III.  The family lives in Uvalde, Texas.
  Terry Lee Allen was born March 4, 1956.  She married Jams Coleman of Crystal City.  They have one daughter, Virginia.   The family lives in La Pryor, Texas.
  All four children and their parents were members of the First Baptist Church of Carrizo Springs.
  Charles is the only member of the Allen family who never left Dimmit County, except for the three years he spent in the Merchant Marines in World War II.  He bought the Dimmit County Locker Plant in 1951 and is still operating it today.  After she was employed in the Style Shop in Carrizo Springs for some time, Faydelle finally bought it, and spends most of her time there.
                                                                                                                  Charles Allen
                                                                                                                    Carrizo Springs