Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dimmit County Mesquite Roots page 134, James Granger Sr. and Forrest Alean Richardson Anderson Family

 James Granger Anderson Sr. was born on July 27, 1895 in Jackson, Tennessee.  He was the son of William Madison and Sarah Knott Lotta Anderson.  He was a student at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.
  Forrest Alean Richardson was the youngest of five children born to Asher and Mary Isabelle Votaw Richardson of Asherton.  Forrest was born in 1895.  She attended the Kidd-Key Conservatory of Music and Art at Sherman.  It was while they were in Sherman that Granger and Forrest met.
  After Granger returned from serving overseas as a first lieutenant aerial observer in the 345th Field Artillery in World War I, he and Forrest were married.  The wedding took place in San Antonio on August 20, 1919.
  Granger worked in the Richardson Family businesses in Asherton for a few years.  Asher Richardson, the founder of the town of Asherton, had built what he described as a "bungalow" in Asheron for each of his children.  The wooden houses, built in 1909, are still in use today.
  The Andersons had two children, Forrest Isabelle and James Granger, Jr.  After their children were born, Granger and Forrest moved the family to Dallas, Texas, where Granger worked as a district agent for an insurance company.
  Granger died of heart disease on February 12, 1936 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Dallas.
  About 1929, Forrest Richardson Anderson moved back to Asherton with her children to live with her widowed mother, Isabelle Richardson, and her widowed sister Lula Richardson Dean.  The all lived together in the Richardson home, Bel-Asher.
  Forrest Richardson Anderson died of a heart attack in the Richardson home on December 30, 1941.  She is buried in the Richardson plot in Mission Cemetery in SAn Antonio.
  Forrest Isabelle Anderson was born February, 19, 1921.  She married Robert W. Hemphill of Chester, South Carolina.
  James Granger Anderson Jr. was born December 16, 1922.  He married Jimmie Lee Barker (see separate story).
                                         Jimmie Lee Barker Anderson