Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dimmit County Mesquite Roots Lonnie and Lela Kellogg Allee

page  131 of the book and continued on page 132.

  Lela Kellogg was the daughter of Samuel Hayes and Margaret Elizabeth Rae Kellogg, who lived in Dimmit County prior to 1880.  She married Lonnie Allee.
  Lonnie and Lela Allee had six children:  Elbert Joe, Margaret, Alfred, Ruby, Julia, and Warren.
  Elbert Joe and Margaret allee passed away at an early age.
  Alfred Allee and wife, Pearl, live in Carrizo Springs, where they retired after his lifetime of service to the Texas Rangers.
  Ruby Allee married a man named Avant and they had one daughter, Sylvia, who lives in California.  Ruby lives in Dilley, Texas.
  Julia Allee married a man named Wells, and they had two children, Barry and Janice Kay. They live in Houston.
  Warren Allee married Mable Eardley.
                                        Maurine Kellogg Gardner
                                         Carrizo Springs
                                         Margaret Anderson Davidsson
                                          Spring, Texas.