Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dimmit County Mesquite Roots by Laura Knowlton Tidwell.

Family Histories

The Adams Sisters Ruth Adams, Delia Adams Upchurch, and Irene Adams Barker

  Ruth Adams spent 50 years of her life as a public school teacher in Texas.  For 20 of these years she taught social studies at the Junior High School in Carrizo Springs.
  In 1943 the family persuaded her mother, Martha M. "Mama" Adams, to leave her ranch in Loma Vista and come live in Carrizo Springs with Ruth.  Their home, two miles north of town, was formerly known as the Stone place.
  In 1953 they moved to Crystal City, Texas.  Ruth continued to teach fifth grade for a number of years.  She retired in 1970.
  In 1977 Ruth and her sisters, Irene (Mrs. Roy) Barker and Delia Adams Upchurch, moved to Pearsall, Texas.  There Ruth and Delia now make their home.  This year (1980) Ruth will be 82 years young, and Delia will be 78.
  The years between 1945 and 1953 brought some of the happiest times of my life while these ladies lived here in Carrizo Springs.  When I was at Aunt Ruth's house, I watched Mama tend her bees and trotted behind her as she called up Brown Jug and Bonnie for milking.  I was 10 in 1945, and in a couple of years she finally taught me to milk a cow.
  At Aunt Delia's it was a little different.  She would let us come over, but she said we had to do some work.  Usually three of us went together to visit there.  We picked fruit, fed the animals, and helped in the kitchen.  We would help Aunt Delia deliver milk after the evening milking.  Once, I rode with Uncle Up on the caboose from Crystal City to Carrizo Springs.  The fun of it all was cleaning up in the rock reservoirs at both places so we could go swimming.
  In loving tribute to the Adams sisters, from their niece.
                                                          Martha Ann Hipp Vesper
                                                           Carrizo Springs

  Roy Franklin Sr. and Rowena Eardley Adkins
  Roy Franklin Adkins, son of Franklin Lee and Carrie M. Babbitt Adkins, was born in Brownsboro, Kentucky on January 4, 1910.  He married Rowena Elizabeth Eardley, daughter of William h. and Mary Belle Coble Eardley.
  Rowena Eardley was born November 29, 1916.  She graduated from Carrizo Springs High School in 1934 and attended Draughon's Business College.  She was employed at Citizens State Bank in Carrizo Springs.
  Roy and Rowena were married in the First Baptist Church of Carrizo Springs on October 18, 1938.  They made their home in San Antonio, Texas, where Roy operated Adkins' Home Made Ice Cream.  Roy became an employee at Kelly Field, Texas in August of 1941.  He served 23 years before retiring as foreman of all Kelly Field-based planes.
  Roy and Rowena Eardley Adkins had three children:  Mary Carrilee, Jennie Elizabeth, and Roy Franklin Jr.
  Mary Carrilee Adkins was born June 25, 1942.  She graduated from Thomas A. Edison High School in 1959 and received her bachelor's degree from Trinity University in San Antonio in 1967.  She taught for several years and is now employed by Texas Commission in Fort Worth, Texas.
  Roy Franklin Adkins Jr.  was born January 17, 1952.  He graduated from Thomas A. Edison High School in 1970 and attended San Antonio College.  He served in the Air National Guard.  Roy married Rachel Sue Faulkner on April 30, 1976.  Rachel was born January 12, 1958.  Roy Jr.  is in air conditioning work.  They have two children, Larissa Sue and Roy Franklin III.  Larissa Sue Adkins was born September 23, 1979.  The family lives in San Antonio.
                                                                                 Rowena Eardley Adkins
                                                                                  San Antonio.