Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pray to the Lotto God

Pray to the Lotto God.  Why not?  People pray to God for different reasons, such as: Please dear Lord help me get a better job, or help my family member in their time of illness.  Some people pray to God for a new car.

  Here is the LOTTO God , he is not God per se' but the Lotto God.  So you can pray to him out loud or in silent, comment anonymously or comment so others can see it and help you pray as well. 

  I have to pray to my Lotto God because my house is dire need of major repairs and has been for a long time.  

  Once I fell through the bathroom floor about 2 years ago, and my granddaughter saw me stuck and I could not get out.  This frightened her quite a bit and made her cry, she was 5 years old at the time.  I prayed to God to bring the funds I needed to fix the floor, and so far, the funds have not arrived.  Can't get a job in the small town I live in, unless you want to work at McDonald's or Whataburger, and I think I will leave those jobs to the younger folks, I am a grandmother and it seems like allot of hard work for an old lady to do.  Not that there is anything wrong with those jobs, they are perfectly fine jobs for youngsters, it is just that I live so far out in the country, by the time I get a pay check, I would be spending it all on the high gas prices driving back and forth to work.

  So I thought I would make a new God, not going to be praying to God God, but LOTTO God. 
  I really need to get my house livable so I am not ending up in the street homeless.  I was homeless once with my three children, dog, 2 family rats and my cat.  We lived in a tent for almost a year.  This was not because I was lazy, I worked two jobs and got very ill.  I ended up in the hospital with a serious problem with my kidney's, I thought I was going to die.  In the mean time, I lost both my jobs that I was working at, and ended up losing my apartment because I could not pay the rent.  

  I worked hard at getting us up and out of that situation, but that was years ago, when I was young.  First a church set us up in a motel, then eventually our family went to the homeless shelter in Bryan, Texas.  I was extremely grateful for that.  My family, pets and I stayed there for a year while we saved the money up to get a house to rent. 

  Now, years later, I am living in the house I grew up in, and its in really bad shape. I got here, because I was hit by a drunk driver and ended up in the hospital.  He went to jail, and I went to the hospital. How come it is that every drunk driver (almost) ends up with no injuries?  Well, because of that accident almost 11 years ago, I can not work, plus the fact that this small town does not have something easy I can do. 

SO, I invented this LOTTO GOD, so I can pray to him/her and win the lotto so I can fix the things I need fixing. Actually, I think I will build my parents, son and I a Italian stucco or adobe home to all live in together, since my Mamma is bed ridden now and my father is going blind, they need me to help take care of them. Their house is in better condition, but not by much. 

So I am inviting anyone who wants to pray to the Lotto God, to do so.  You don't have to worry about hypocrisy because this is not GOD above, its LOTTO GOD.