Saturday, January 12, 2013

Texas Rangers Lone Star Legends

I scanned all these photos from the issue of Texas Highways.  October 1998 issue. Just in case you want to find a copy of your own to have. It does have more photos and a nice article.

From left, Texas Rangers H.A. Carnes, Sam McKensie, Bud Beach, Tom Ross, Albert R. Mace, and Captain John R. Hughes strike their poses toting firearms and attired in trademark vests and wide brimmed hats.  The photograph was taken in Alice around 1904 and later published as a postcard.

 Top- Part of Captain Sam McMurray's company or Rangers was dispatched to Thurber in 1889 to quell rioting that resulted from a  repressive working environment and restore law and order.  From left are J.W. Bracken, Arthur Terrell, Tom Mayberet, Tom Platt, Sam Platt, Sterling Price, Tom Hickman, Mrs. Sam Platt, W.J.L. Sullivan, Ed Britton, Lon Lewis, Rada Platt, and Phil Best.
Five active and former Texas Ranger Captains (top photo) were photographed on the porch of an Austin boarding house in 1931.  Seated is Captain Dan Roberts.  Standing, from left, are Captain. J.A. Brooks, Adjutant General W.W. Sterling, Captain Frank A. Hamer, and Captain John R. Hughes.  Collectively, the men served between 1876 and 1933.  Company A (bottom photo) in 1903 included, front row: Jesse Miller, Sergeant Winfred Bates, Captain J.A.Brooks, and Lonnie Livingston; standing: Tom Franks, A.Y. Baker, John Puckett, and George Wallis.