Friday, February 18, 2011

Weird Dream I had

by Leslie Ann Vivian Longoria on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 12:58am

I had a dream night before last. I dreamed I had died but was brought back to life. In the dream I actually got to go to heaven. In heaven, I saw the creator of all we survey. He called himself the creator. He said he never went by the name God at all, it was a name we gave him on earth and he let it alone, figuring we needed all the help we could get in order to believe in him and have faith.

Heaven wasn't UP like I thought it would be. It was just there, in some sort of dimension or plane. Three feet away was what we on earth called hell. Only you could not walk to hell and those in hell could not walk to us. We could see them and they could see us. Sadly, I saw some members of my family that had passed on the hell plane. Happily I was in the 'heaven' side and with some more of my family members. We could see the people in hell, just as they appeared at the time of their deaths. If they died of gun shot, the blood was still pouring from the wound, if they died of natural causes, they looked dead and old, if they died of cancer, they looked just as they did at the time of death, if they died of aids, same thing.

On the "heaven" side, everyone looked the age they were when they died, but we were all healthy, we had no blood or sickness look.

I asked the creator about Jesus and he told me there was no Jesus. There was no Mother Mary either. He said , again, it was something that we had made up to help us believe and have faith in him and he let us have that faith. He let us believe in Jesus and Mary. He said us earthlings had to have some sort of physical proof of the creation and creator, we made them up long ago.

He said there was no Allah. It was also apart of imagination. He explained that he promised us life after death if we lived our lives as good people, helping one another and not harming each other. He put us here as a part of the life pyramid...we are the ones on the top. Dog gets cat, cat gets mouse, mouse gets cheese was what he told me. I asked him what we get...he said we get him.

There were people who killed in the name of their "God" in different religions. He said he gave us all free will and that we had to figure things out on our own, that he couldn't come down here and explain to us that other religions killed and it was not what he wanted. They must pay for what they did with their own deaths and their own after life. I looked across and saw them on the 'hell' side.

He told me there was no religion. He never intended for there to be any religion at all. It was what we wanted to do here on earth to form groups and talk about our faiths. He was just watching us and hoping we would get him right or not.

He sent me back. I don't know why, maybe I will figure it out.