Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I saved money at H.E.B. Today

My husband and I went shopping at H.E.B. here in Gonzales today and I saved a total of 24.80. This shopping run was a short one. It was not regular shopping day. In coupons I saved 15.16. I took advantage of instore sales.
Our H.E.B. here in Gonzales, Texas is a small one and it does not offer us as much as the bigger super stores do. I shopped in Georgetown, Texas at their H.E.B and was WOWED by all the different things I could do and buy there. I spent 30% more money there also. When I need something different, I find I have to travel elsewhere to get as in Gonzales, Tx we do not have a super Wal-Mart or Super H.E.B. :(