Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alice, Texas Ghost

U.S. Highway 281. The ghost of a lady in black haunts a section of this modern highway. She is Loenora Rodriquez, wife of Don Raul Ramos, who lived in a hacienda at Falfurrias in the 1700's. At the time the area was a flat Chaparral cut by a single dirt road. Leonora was hanged from a large oak along that road, by her husband's vaqueros. Don Paul had accused the woman of becoming pregnant by another man. Now her spirit haunts the place where she died. The ghost is seen along the road wearing the same black dress she wore the night she was murdered. Numerous motorists have pulled off the road to help the forlorn phantom, only to see her vanish.

(Alice is in Jim Wells County in southern corner of Texas, thirty-one miles west of Corpus Christi on Highway 44. The Lady in Black is most often reported on U.S. Highway 281 at the Farm Road 141 unerpass, south of Alice.)