Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NEWS FROM MY HOMETOWN. Human bones found on roadside in Cost: Remains of unidentified young woman were scattered

The skeletal remains of what appears to be a woman were found Friday afternoon, on the side of FM 466, at Williams Creek, west of Cost, Texas.The bones were discovered by a mower operator, contracted to the Texas Department of Transportation, who called the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher at approximately 2 p.m.Deputy Floyd Toliver responded to the original call, followed by Investigators Chris Almaguer and Julia Guardiola. Gonzales County Sheriff Glen A. Sachtleben and Chief Deputy Richter arrived shortly after the investigators.“At this time, there is only speculation about the situation. The remains appear to be those of a young adult, perhaps there as long as 10-12 months," said Sachtleben. "While given an investigative case number for reference, at this point it is being handled as a “suspicious death”, with the remains being removed to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy as ordered by Justice of the Peace Don Setliff."
The investigation of the site, which was widely scattered approximately 20- by 30- feet, commenced with careful marking, and photographing of all aspects of the scene.Additional assistance was provided by Texas Ranger Dwayne Goll and the District Attorney’s Office.Following the autopsy, an anthropologist with the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office will further evaluate the remains to assist in possible identification."The original autopsy will tell us wether there were knife wounds on the bones, or if they are the marks from animal teeth," said Sachtleben.Additional evidence was delivered to the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab on yesterday.Sachtleben said the crime scene was closed at approximately 8 p.m. on Friday, when investigators collectively felt that every possible piece of evidence was found, photographed, and collected."I'm confident that we have recovered most of the pieces," said Sachtleben.Sachtleben said that the process is lengthy but thorough, and officials should receive results within the next eight weeks."In the meantime, we will continue working on the case, and attempt to identify this person," Sachtleben said. "Every suspisious death is worked on like a homicide."Sachtleben said he hopes to identify this person and give the victim's family some closure."We have enough teeth and long bones to track DNA," Sachtleben said. "We are going through all missing person bureaus, state data bases and in-house law enforcement data bases, to try to find some answers."Law enforcement officials are asking that anyone with information about this case please contact the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Department, (830) 672-2517.