Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On top is my son James Ernest at his high school graduation. He is very smart man. He lives in New York and a good man. Momma luvs you. Hes my oldest of the three. My daughter is next to him. Rebecca Kay. She was still in high school at the time and has recently graduated college and is getting ready to go back again cause (she likes it) she said. Below is James, Lil Bob & James in football uniform.
My husband Nikki.
my Son Lil Bob. Bobby Lee. Isnt he handsome? Luvies Bob. He is the baby of my three children and is in college. very smart.
My Dad. Ernest Clarence Vivian. Whom I am very proud of.
Baby Brooklyn is asleep. Hannah in blue dress and Ashton.
Kaylee, Anthony, Laila and Austin. That is my husband Keith (Nicknamed Nikki) in backgroud throwing the peace sign. In the pic on left is Henry (brother in law) sister Wendy holding my grandbaby Madison. In cowboy hat is my father, in NYC shirt is my daughter Rebecca and she is holding my grandbaby Laila Ann, the short woman in front with the glasses on is my Mother, she has her arms around my nephew Anthony, and in the orange shirt is my niece Kaylee. My sister has 6 adopted children. Anthony 10, Kaylee 9, Hannah 8, Ashton 6, Austin 5, Brooklynn 2. Grandbabies Laila 4 and Madison 2.
Whew! I am not used to so many kids at the house at once. Handing out sandwiches is like dealing cards. lol. Its just one of those days. Suggestions would be helpful as I may be having them more often as my sister has been very ill.